Six and Two!



Priceless captures

There is a very special bond between sisters. It is not something that can be explained. Through the smiles and laughter and even all the fights, there is nothing like having a sister!! These two are hilarious. Opposites and yet so much alike! We have had such a warm and gorgeous fall this year. I have been so lucky that my work includes getting to go to the park with these two on a 70 degree day and just having fun!! I try to not structure too many shots and just let them be kids!! The harder you try to get them to smile the more they won’t! The older sister loves to pose and is a dream to photograph. The younger one is like every toddler and doesn’t want anything to do with me or the camera. But catching her personality is priceless when you do!!










The Twins

What an opportunity to photograph these two seven month old beauties!  They were the sweetest slimiest girls! I normally take a lot of photos and discard half because the kids are not looking or something.  With these two almost every picture was perfect!  They were so expressive and the most cooperative babies I have ever worked with!


This is Mia


This is Mia telling Ava… “this is my spotlight!”  LOL


We did some indoor shots and both girls were perfect angels!  We decided to go down to the park and try and see if they would still be up for more pictures!  This is a shot that I am in love with!  It is a little far away but I like that about it.  It shows how tiny the little girls are,and I like the symmetry of the bridge.  They look so small and innocent sitting there.  The one below is a closer version of this shot.


Love black and white with this shot!!  This looks so classic, timeless, and gorgeous!  Ava loved the grass, Mia did not like the feel of it and did not want to sit in it!


Such sweethearts!!  I am supposed to take their one year portraits in the fall and am SUPER excited!!!

Sisterly Love

I had the opportunity to take pictures of these two beautiful sisters!  I had a blast and I tried to think of fun things and poses for them to do too!  It was my first opportunity to photography kids that were a little older.  I was so used to just trying to just chase after the kids, that I wasn’t sure how to actually pose them!  This first picture cracks me up and this was at the end of the shoot!  After about 30 minutes of behaving themselves, they show what sisters are actually like!  🙂  Love it!!!Image

Luckily having beautiful girls makes my job really easy.  You don’t have to do anything to have a great picture!



The girls found this bag of rose petals in my little studio room!  They were so excited and laid them all out for their other pictures.  I thought why not do something fun!  They had a blast collecting them and throwing them up over and over!  I really liked the result!  It is what candid is all about…showing the girls having fun without having to force anything!  It is one of my favorite pictures and has not only taught me how to do different things with my camera, but also how to show an expression in a picture!


Dressed to their best!


Another friend asked me to do Christmas cards for her!  I was so excited!  I was a little nervous because I started thinking how important pictures of kids are to their parents.  Adding in holiday pictures is even more pressure.  Moms spend a ton of time picking out the outfits that will showcase their children all dressed up and looking their best!!!  But then I realized how fun and exciting that is for me to be able to capture that!!  I wanted to do a great job for her and also knew that these cards would be sent out to all of their family and friends for them to see!  Besides my daughter, sister, and another friend, it would be the first time my work is being shown and hopefully enjoyed by others!  Sommer was 4 and posed for every shot!  Even if I wasn’t ready she would say Shannon take my picture!!  Lila was 1 and really didn’t want a whole lot to do with me, the camera, or sitting still.  I followed her all throughout the house and was able to catch some really cute shots though!!  I had a blast with these two!!