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Grace Potter

Grace potter is a must see live! Not only is her music fun and energetic but she lights up a stage! I have only heard a couple of her songs and was expecting a more mellow show… Boy was I wrong! She didn’t stop moving the entire show! (Hard from a photographers standpoint :-). She was so fun to watch and when you are paying to see a concert it is so nice to see an artist that shows she has talent and more importantly she loves what he does! She’s a breath of fresh air between country and rock and put on a great show!!

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Social Distortion

I have been asked before who my favorite artist has been to photograph. I have always had to think and wasn’t sure. Now I can say thus far it is Social Distortion. Whether it was from the sold out crowd’s excitement behind me or the bands enthusiasm in front of me, it was a rush!! They put on a great show!! In Cleveland they sold out the House of Blues two nights in a row. After a couple of decades they are still going strong!! I love some if the shots I got that night!!







Sheryl Crow

I was so excited to see Sheryl Crow.  I have loved her and every album since I can remember!! She is so cute, beautiful, sexy, confident on stage.  She is so talented with her guitar and voice!!  She was playing songs from one of my favorite albums, everything old and new!!  She is really something to see live!!  Such talent and she has come so far, yet she has been amazing all along!!  She is one of the most beautifully, talented female singers that I can think of!!  Her voice, and lyrics are touching yet fun and soulful.  Her stage presence is what you would picture in your head when you listen to one of her albums!  It was a great show!!   Probably one of my favorites!  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


LOVED seeing this band live!!  I am not a huge concert goer but I would love to go and see them again!!  They have such a great stage presence!  Their music makes you want to get up and dance!!  All of the musicians and the singers blend so well together and make for a really amazing live show!!  Their songs are fun, energetic, and they put on a great performance!  Songs I remember from ten years ago to new songs!!  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Los Lonely Boys

Los Lonely Boys opened for O.A.R and Sheryl Crow at Kent State University’s stadium.  They were great live!!  Some bands sound great live and some don’t… this is one that you should really see live!!  Not only do they sound amazing but you can tell that they are really into their music, performance, and enjoy what they do!!  ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Joshua Radin and Tristan Prettyman

I photographed Tristan Prettyman and Joshua Radin at Cain Park in Cleveland Heights.  I really like the venue.  It is set up like Blossom with pavilion and lawn but about 1/3 the size!  The architecture is really neat and has some old stone work, the park is really pretty.  They let you bring in your own food and beverages (no alcohol) so you can have a picnic on a blanket!  I don’t think there is really a bad seat, as you can see some of the further away shots are from the lawn.  The sound system was really good.  I have never heard of Tristan but she had a gorgeous and flawless voice.  Her music was intriguing and her storytelling with her lyrics really sucked you in.  I couldn’t stay too long for Joshua’s set but he has a great voice and his stage presence just makes you feel like you are at home hanging out with a friend.  This is an outdoor venue so it was sort of light out but just starting to get dark.  There is not too much to the lighting set up but they featured some instruments, props, and some blue lights.  I thought is was very personal and intimate.  Here are some of my shots from the evening.  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage