Mother Mother



Grace Potter

Grace potter is a must see live! Not only is her music fun and energetic but she lights up a stage! I have only heard a couple of her songs and was expecting a more mellow show… Boy was I wrong! She didn’t stop moving the entire show! (Hard from a photographers standpoint :-). She was so fun to watch and when you are paying to see a concert it is so nice to see an artist that shows she has talent and more importantly she loves what he does! She’s a breath of fresh air between country and rock and put on a great show!!

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Lindi Ortega

Red boots, red lipstick, guitar, good looks, and a voice to match!  Lindi came out opening for a legend punk rock band Social Distortion at the House of Blues and held her own!  Her catchy lyrics, fun music, confidence, beauty, and talent held the crowds attention from the second she walked out on the stage.  Whether it was to watch her, or want to be her, it was hard to take your eyes off of her!  My favorite of the night was her song “bang bang” and her cover of a Johnny Cash song that made the crowd go nuts!!  


Our Lady Peace and Mean Creek

I had the opportunity to photograph and attend my first concert last night at the House of Blues! One of my favorite bands from high school Our Lady Peace. They were awesome!! I liked te venue and there was a nice area blocked off for photographers. I was the only one there! The bouncers were super nice. Venue was cool. Lighting was ok, sound system was good! Here are some of my shots. I am still new to all of this and am learning. I like some of the shots I got, others are ok. I am photographing again tonight and I want to use the lighting (if possible) and compose my shots a little bit better and make them more interesting. I don’t want my photos to look like anyone can take it. I am still learning how to adjust and meter my camera very quickly and we only get three songs, so I always want to make sure I get some shots, but I also want them to be great shots!! I had a lot of fun and enjoy learning every time!!











I found one!!!
I was disappointed that I did not have one shot where Raine looked at me, especially since I was the only photographer! I found this and was so happy! I also love the lighting composition! This is what I was trying to accomplish. A good shot, with something interesting about it!!!