Christmas Angels!!

Throughout all the hustle and bustle of the holidays I forgot to post the two most special little Christmas angels!! One in the little car with the cutest smile and fun idea for her mommy and daddy’s Christmas card is my niece!! She is so beautiful! Loves to smile and the camera… But she was not having my new studio downtown!! We ended up taking her little coupe car outside and I like it even better!! The other angel is mine!! Gosh I love her little face!! So angelic!! I swear though I take out my iPhone and the kid hams it up!! Smiles all day long and tells me to take her picture! I plan something and set it up and take out my big expensive camera and she either freezes or doesn’t want anything to do with it!! You would think being a photographer I would have tons of pictures of her…. But if it wasn’t for my trusty iPhone which literally has over 2k pics in it, I wouldn’t have any!! I love this sweet picture of her for my Christmas card though!! ūüôā




My helpers!

I love meeting new clients! I used to be so shy and now I feel as though I could talk to anyone! I also love taking photographs for the first time for a family!!! Most haven’t had a photographer since their wedding and its so nice to be able to capture their family and little one!! Dylan was a ham! Smiling and loved having his picture taken!! He was such a sweet boy and his parents were amazing! I am so glad that I was able to do some holiday portraits for them. I even did just some different non holiday themed shots for the parents so they would have some other photographs for their home! Grandma came too and we got some pictures of her with her daughter and grandson! I can’t tell u how nice it is to have an extra family member there. Not only to capture but also as my helper!! :-). When photographing the family she can stand behind me and make them all smile! I need to start paying the grandmas lol! I hope to see them all in the future again!


Beautiful success!

Yay! I finally took some friends away from jcpenny portraits! I mean nothing against them… But I like to think that I offer something you can’t find there!! I now have this amazing studio to work at, great lighting, I can set up whatever ideas I would like, have fun, and most importantly take the time needed, and make the kids comfortable. 1 1/2 and 3 can be hard individually but also shooting together! It can either be good, bad, great, terrible, etc! It’s all about the kids and their mood! It went wonderfully and they are so beautiful! They look just like their mommy and daddy! She called me after and said Shannon, I have never been able to get pictures of both of my kids smiling! I was so happy with the pictures and knew what it meant to them. Little things like that make me so happy and makes me feel good that I am able to offer people something they can’t always get somewhere else! I was able to capture both kids smiles and personalities, Portraits, and my favorite is candid parent and child shots! Knowing they will have these gorgeous pictures of their kids for their house and that she is giving as Christmas gifts makes me smile! I love my job!! I put everything I have into it and the way I feel successful is when someone loves their pictures!


Family matters!

I received a call from a father that wanted portraits of his son and family. His son was around 18 months and he had wanted to capture this time! He described him with big beautiful eyes and gorgeous curly hair. He mentioned that he was going to have his first hair cut and they wanted to get his portraits done first. We talked about him, and how to make it fun. I like to do traditional photographs and also capture that candidness between him and his parents! This age is probably the toughest. At 1 year they still are amused by me, at 2 years they can be bribed and tricked. At this age they are so smart and figuring everything out for themselves! We danced and played music and had snacks and made silly faces! He was so sweet and calm but you could tell he was shy being around a stranger taking his pictures. I always hope to capture those big smiles and laugh and am disappointed when I don’t. I am happy with the amazing portraits of him and his beautiful eyes and got some smiles with his parents and cousin! His father told me his brother and sister in law were in town with their cousin and asked to bring them along with their mother. I was all for it! I like to make every experience personal and give all that I can. Whatever makes my clients happy makes me happy and the more the merrier! It was my first large group shot and I was a little nervous how to pose everyone. I am used to shooting outside and everyone being natural and using the elements. In a studio is a little restricting. Overall I am happy with what were able to capture and I hope they were too!


Smile Baby!!!

DSC_0052 DSC_0061 DSC_0063ImageImageImageImageImageEvery parent wants those holiday photos of their child and their family! ¬†I booked with a client that I did for his first birthday! ¬†He was now 18 months. ¬†I was so excited to see him again!! ¬†I remember that age….after they are walking, starting to really explore and figure things out for themselves, and also not wanting anything to do with strangers, or doing what they are told! ¬†Who would….when there is that whole world out there!! ¬†So when I met up with Logan and his parents in the studio he wasn’t having it! ¬†He was very well behaved, and so adorable, but he just wouldn’t smile for me! ¬†We tried and after a little while I said lets do this again tomorrow! ¬†It was scheduled to be 60 degrees in December in Ohio and that is unheard of! ¬†So I made plans to meet up with them in a great town square! It was decorated beautifully and I think he had a little more fun and wasImagemore comfortable. ¬†I will always go the extra mile to provide my clients with the photos that they hope for! ¬†I want them to treasure these pictures for many many years to come! I want them to hang them on their walls and look a their little baby who grows too fast and his smiling face! ¬†Image

Christmas Buddies!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageI love being able to capture a family at any time of the year…but the holidays just make it better!! ¬†Two brothers who probably argue and act like typical siblings show they love each other! ¬†The parents were so fun and wanted to do some cute ideas! ¬†The boys were great and the shots of the two of them reminded me of how fun it was growing up with my own siblings! ¬†I hope they look back someday and remember every great moment too!

Warning-Cuteness Overload!!!!!!

DSC_0329-2DSC_0319-2 DSC_0317-2-3 DSC_0301-2-2 DSC_0292-2 DSC_0277-2DSC_0263-2 DSC_0249-2 (2) DSC_0325 DSC_0318-2 DSC_0260 DSC_0251 DSC_0314-2 DSC_0250 DSC_0247-2 (2) DSC_0296-2 DSC_0292-2 DSC_0277-2DSC_0242Oh my!!! ¬†I knew these pictures would be ¬†cute….but even I was surprised! ¬†I have been photographing her since birth, and her mom and I talk and plan ideas for each coming session! ¬†It was her first birthday so I was sooooo excited for her smash cake and cute little face!! ¬†Her mom is responsible for the amazing toule backdrop she created…the adorable outfits and some amazing ideas! ¬†I knew some balloons, a cake, and an adorable baby would be all I needed to get some amazing shots! ¬†We planned for weeks, and Imageprepped for a two hour shoot….Every outfit, every set up Addy just smiled and smiled! ¬†It was perfect and so much fun!! ¬†These pictures make me smile so much!!!! ¬†I’m just a little sad that she is growing up so quick!! ¬†But I have beenso blessed to be able to watch her grow up and photograph every milestone!!!

6 months of pure joy!

This is my other little niece! She is such a sweet little baby. Always smiling and happy. It is crazy to see what I still think of as my baby brother with a little girl! Again, being an aunt and sharing parenthood with my brother and sister is just as rewarding as being a mom myself! We planned to do some outdoor family shots at the same spot that they had their engagement pictures taken. It was November in Ohio and I had just returned from Florida the night before, but it was a surprising almost 60 degrees!! We then headed down to the studio and got some great shots of her! She was happy and didn’t mind having her picture taken! One of the easiest shoots I have done! My brother is funny…he wanted to make it look like she was sitting on the rock and peaking out behind the tree all on her own! I love all of the pictures and I always enjoy seeing them made into Christmas cards for everyone to enjoy! I save them all, and have a wall in my house of all of my friends and families kids so I can look at them all year!!


Dressed to their best!


Another friend asked me to do Christmas cards for her! ¬†I was so excited! ¬†I was a little nervous because I started thinking how important pictures of kids are to their parents. ¬†Adding in holiday pictures is even more pressure. ¬†Moms spend a ton of time picking out the outfits that will showcase their children all dressed up and looking their best!!! ¬†But then I realized how fun and exciting that is for me to be able to capture that!! ¬†I wanted to do a great job for her and also knew that these cards would be sent out to all of their family and friends for them to see! ¬†Besides my daughter, sister, and another friend, it would be the first time my work is being shown and hopefully enjoyed by others! ¬†Sommer was 4 and posed for every shot! ¬†Even if I wasn’t ready she would say Shannon take my picture!! ¬†Lila was 1 and really didn’t want a whole lot to do with me, the camera, or sitting still. ¬†I followed her all throughout the house and was able to catch some really cute shots though!! ¬†I had a blast with these two!!



Friends started asking to do their Christmas Card and holiday photos of their kids too! ¬†I felt a HUGE success with this photo. ¬†Not only because it made me smile, and their mom smile… but it was finally capturing the moment. ¬†The love of a sister for her little brother. ¬†It took a lot of time and pictures to capture a few where both kids were looking and eyes open. ¬†One Mia would be smiling and Dominic would run away. ¬†One Dominic would smile and Mia’s eyes would be closed. ¬†Little ones are tough to get the perfect shot. ¬†It is harder with two. ¬†It is even harder indoors, trying to pose them in front of a Christmas tree!! ¬†I enjoyed learning from it. ¬†I realized I have a lot of patience. ¬†Stay calm and keep everyone happy! ¬†Turns out in the middle Dominic needed a snack! Having a child myself makes me understand more what a kid needs, and how to handle any situation. ¬†Whenever I am booking a client, I always ask…. Do they have a schedule? ¬†Pictures are always better after a nap and when the kid is the happiest!! ¬†No matter what happens though, I feel that capturing the moment is still the most important. ¬†You cannot ever plan what is going to happen, but I love that element of it! ¬†And I LOVE this picture!