All Smiles



Happy Valentine’s Day!

I never take high quality photos of my daughter.  Two reasons but not good excuses!  First is because I always have my Iphone and have over 2k pictures on it maxing out my memory and more on my computer, and 2 because getting the kid ready, preparing for the shoot, being the photographer and mom, at the same time is tough!  It took me hours to prep, plan, get her ready, set up at the studio, and then try to shoot technically, get her to pay attention to me and smile.  Most would say well she is probably used to you having the camera in her face all the time.  Yes and no.  She is, but also runs away from me most of the time.  Most of my photos I have of her are crazy action shots, but I love every single one because they are candid and really show her goofy self.  She is hilarious and I would must rather have her silly faces than a forced smile any day!  But I love this attempt at her first “official” photo session!  I think she will have many more to come, but I also can’t wait til the weather warms up and we can go outside and I can capture her having fun and doing everything that she loves!!  She is becoming a girly princess and wears skirts and crowns everywhere but still loves dirt and worms!  🙂ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Miss Addyson

I photographed this little one when she was only a few weeks old, and was so excited to see her again for her six month shoot!  Her mom and I talked and planned a lot for it!  I came up with some different ideas and her mom planned the cutest outfits!!!  Her mom Amber has been such a huge support to my new business and is open to trying anything.  I have so much fun with them, and little Addyson doesn’t even mind the outfit changes and hour and a half long shoot! (most of the time)  It was really hot in the 90’s but we stayed in the shade and there was a little breeze.  I brought some balloons and LOVE how the pics came out.  I read somewhere that you can stake them in the ground with golf tees.  I used toothpicks-just as good and cheaper!  I just purchased this flexible mirror and I am so glad that I did.  I was nervous how they were going to turn out, but I love the result of Addyson reflecting in the mirror with the trees in the background.  I brought some backdrops and we set those up for some different shots, and little Addy wasn’t a huge fan of laying in the grass anyway.  The tutu shots and the pearls are so adorable!  So simple and perfect!  This shoot has given me a lot of reflection on my work.  From when I first photographed Addyson until now I have seen so much growth and I really appreciate that Amber has let me learn and grow and has asked me to continue to take pictures of their family!!  I still have a lot to learn and it excites me to be able to grow!  I am so lucky to have such amazing subjects and friends who allow me to do so!  I am so happy with how these photos turned out!  I hope you all enjoy them!


Family Portraits


I saw a girl that I haven’t seen since high school.  I got to meet her amazing husband and her two beautiful boys!  It was so great to see her, and her family is so sweet!  Little James was soo amazing with his baby brother Jack!  So attentive and sweet and wanted to hold him the entire time.  I had so much fun at this shoot!  The family was up for different ideas and we had some gorgeous scenery.  I love this covered bridge and shot here for my very first job, and definitely will be returning.  Right under the bridge is a beautiful part of the metroparks.  A little 5 minute walk down the street are the cutest little shops and a stationary train that any kid would love to climb on!  It was so hot that day in the 90’s but we shot earlier in the day and everyone was a trooper!  I love their bright colors and their smiles just light up every picture.  I am taking some classes and learning some new things about my camera and some different techniques.  I was really happy with the clarity and quality of the pictures..probably for the first time!  I still have a lot to learn and have had three shoots since this and feel like I am improving each day.  I love learning and growing and finding new things everyday inspires me so much!  I also love Pinterest and try to find new creative ideas for shoots.  As I have said before I love candid shots and its hard to plan with kids what is going to happen, but I am trying to have more of a shot list before I approach the shoot.  I usually email some ideas to the parents and find out what they like or don’t like.  It helps them have a feel for the style of photography that I do, and usually inspires them to come up with more ideas for the session too!  It helps me with the flow of the shoot.  A few times I have felt like what should I have them do next?  With a little shot list it helps inspire more ideas for me and so far it has improved things on both ends I think!  I am truly blessed to have shared the day with this family and I hope they love the photos!

OH Baby Baby!



So about three of four months into having my camera I was hoping to photograph a little baby!  Mine was already 1 1/2 and I didn’t know anyone else having one anytime soon!  Along comes Amber!  We worked together for many years and have stayed in touch thanks to Fb!  She actually had moved to SC with her husband for a few years.  She had just had a beautiful little baby named Addyson AND moved back to Ohio!!!!!!  I was so excited to see her and meet her wonderful husband and gorgeous little girl!!  I was nervous for the shoot… but also not nervous at all with them!  Amber is very much like myself, fun, witty, outgoing.  If something is uncomfortable, we could easily just joke about it!  We talked for a few days, planned to get together.  I told her I would spend as much time as needed and was just so excited to spend the day with them!  I was so happy with the pictures and had a blast!  Looking back now, I am always always always always critiquing my work, and do not like to be negative, but wow I had, and have, a lot to learn.  At the time I loved everything even though we met challenges.  I had just purchased some backdrops, which were not all that great being that I did not have much of a budget.  Ryan, her husband, was trying to help me figure out how to get them to stay up!  I did not know everything I know now about my camera.  I had just started to figure out how to use my editing program.  Little Addyson was a few weeks old, and I learned that posing a little baby is not as easy as the first few days are!   Trying to get them to pose, rest, and lay, when they want to play, fuss and eat is not all that easy!  I always look at things from a technical standpoint first and then evaluate the rest second, and I am now disappointed.  I wish I could have done better!  But I take everything as a learning experience.  It inspires me to learn more and work harder!  It pushes me to do better with each experience.  I am lucky enough to be asked to photograph this little sweetheart again in a  week for her six month shoot!  SOOOO excited and have so many ideas planned!  I am  going to give it my all, and have really been preparing myself for this opportunity!  Can’t wait to share soon!!  

The First


My First time touching and shooting with a DSLR Camera was helping a friend assist at a wedding of her friend.    She let me take the camera home a week before and play around with it.  I was instantly amazed and also felt like what the heck do I do with this.  I learned a little bit about it and went that day to help her!  I was sooo nervous, but she said I have seen your pictures with an iphone.  Just use that eye that you have and take some great shots.  I helped out in the church, photographing family members and other things that she could not concentrate on.  After the ceremony was over, I felt a sense of relief.  I was like….OK hopefully I didn’t miss anything and got what I needed.  Once we stepped outdoors, I felt like I could let loose.  I felt like I could get as creative as I want and just have fun!  I was not going to miss anything, or be forced to shoot something.  It is at that point why I never wanted to shoot a wedding.  Way to much responsibility!!!!  I love candid shots.  I like taking pictures when the subjects are not posing and just being themselves.  That is why I love photographing kids so much!  They are just a big ball of fun!  No worries, no stress, no pressure, just fun!

Always There!


I can honestly say that with my daughter, I have captured every smile, laugh, tear, nap, step, goofy face, and everything in between!  I look back and am so glad that I have every picture, and will continue!  Not only do I have an amazing documentation of her life, but she is also my model and practice!  London, who is now 2, is already sick of it, and probably won’t appreciate all the crazy pictures when she gets older!   Oh well.. I will promise not to embarrass her… maybe!

My Dream


I have always loved taking pictures.  I decided once my daughter was born on May 27, 2010, and after I couldn’t get enough of taking pictures of her, that I wanted to take this to a new level.  My first few months were all photos, taken by me, like the one above, with my IPHONE!!  At one point I had over 3,000 pictures in my iphone and it would not even function anymore!  I would post pictures on Facebook.  I joined Instagram.  People started talking.  Surprisingly, they were not annoyed with my picture upload overload, but instead were impressed!  I knew from that moment on what I wanted to do.