This my first all day solo wedding. I knew what to expect and prepared myself with tons of batteries and sd cards and comfortable shoes. Even with all the preparing I was still surprised with how much work and how exhausted I was at the end of the day. I left my house around 10 am and went to the brides sisters house. Did an emergency run in between getting ready shots for needle and thread for a ripped bridesmaid dress zipper. Ran off to the church. Then the venue with bridal party pictures outside. Then the reception and i made sure to photograph all of the introductions, the dances, cake cutting, speeches, etc. My goal of the day was to capture every moment, every exchange and greeting, to try and have a picture of every guest and moment. To try and tell a story from beginning to end. After almost 12 hours and close to 1,000 pictures I think I accomplished this. I had a great time and even got teary eyed during the speeches and dances. Weddings can be a beautiful thing. It is amazing to watch the bride and groom and them surrounded by all of their loved ones. I was so nervous the entire day and doing it alone I was worried my camera wasn’t going to hold up or something. Next time I will be sure to have a backup camera and possibly an assistant or second shooter. The reception is easier with more candid shots and less formality. Those moments are my favorite to watch and capture. I try to capture photos that when they look back at them in a month, a year, or ten years they not only smile but can remember exactly what they were feeling at that moment. A picture should be more than a snapshot. They say it should be worth a thousand words. It should also bring back memories and recreate a feeling. The formal church pictures is something that is newer to me. I’m more nervous about the lighting, positioning everyone, messing up a particular shot etc. It is something that hopefully after a few more under my belt my nerves will settle down. I was truly honored and it means a lot when someone asks you to be the one to capture their perfect wedding day moments. The bride was very laid back and wanted candid vintage looking shots as her style. I hope I delivered and I know she has a ton of photos to look back on and remember her day with her husband, daughter, and family and friends. Here are just a few from her day!



2 thoughts on “Wedding

    • Thank you very much! I was hired to shoot very candidly and can honestly say that is mostly my style! I was so nervous about all of the formality of things, but with hundreds of photos given to the couple there were so many great candid shots in their collection! Thanks for looking!!!

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