Party of five!!

Met this family at Gorge park in Akron (recommend it) on another beautiful fall weekend. The park has lots of great spots. Leaves, trees, fields, stone steps, caves, a waterfall, little fences, decks over looking the Cuyahoga river, just to name a few! The family got three adorable little girls ready, packed up in the car and drove an hour to meet me at this great spot! The outfits were Grays and peach/pink. Each little girl with their own colorful accents. The oldest was quieter and shy, the middle outgoing and wanted to hold my hand, and the littlest like all toddlers ran and didn’t want anything to do with us or the situation. They were all so cute and polite and their parents so calm and down to earth!! We got some family shots and then let the girls play and sort of pick their spots for poses. I like to have them help me come up with spots and ideas so its more fun for them! Usually by the end they have all kinds of great ideas they want to try. It was so nice spending an hour or so with them and hope to see them again in the future.!!











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