Martin Sexton

   Review by Dave Johnson

          Martin Sexton once again wowed the crowd with his amazing voice.  The modern day folk/blues artist from Syracuse, New York left it all on the stage Saturday night at the Historic Kent Stage.  Martin was in town promoting his new album “Fall Like Rain” which was released earlier this year. 

            His beautiful voice echoed through the venue like it was built just for him.  Kent Stage is well known for being one of the best acoustical venues around and Martin was sure to take advantage of this.  Whether it was his long drawn out voice hitting high notes with precision or his scat-like improvisations, there was not a bad moment all night.

            Though Martin is touring to promote his new album, he didn’t shy away from his classics.  Giving the crowd everything they could ask for.  Weaving between “Glory Bound”, possibly his best known song, and “In the Journey,” a fan favorite, to his great rendition of The Beatles hit “With a Little Help From My Friends” Martin never skipped a beat.  At one point he went twenty plus minutes without stopping, giving fans a real taste of his talents.

            For those of you who don’t know who Martin Sexton is, do yourself a favor and go see him live.  He has been touring almost non-stop for twenty years, so undoubtedly you’ll have another chance to see him.  His live shows are unforgettable and his stage presence is mesmerizing.  He has built his career on the road and he is truly one of the best “one man bands” out there. 



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