I don’t get super excited over Halloween. It really has never been a favorite of mine. But you can’t help but smile with kids in their costumes and their excitement over dressing up and going trick or treating. I wanted to do kids mini photo sessions, so I made a flyer and had some people respond. I figured as a mom we spend money on these costumes that they wear once so why not have a party for them, and promote my business a little too! The party went great we had chili and snacks and cider. The adults played corn hole and the kids ran around my two acres and had fun in the leaves all day. We had monster cupcakes and candy and even face painting! Here are some pics of the costumes!!













Party of five!!

Met this family at Gorge park in Akron (recommend it) on another beautiful fall weekend. The park has lots of great spots. Leaves, trees, fields, stone steps, caves, a waterfall, little fences, decks over looking the Cuyahoga river, just to name a few! The family got three adorable little girls ready, packed up in the car and drove an hour to meet me at this great spot! The outfits were Grays and peach/pink. Each little girl with their own colorful accents. The oldest was quieter and shy, the middle outgoing and wanted to hold my hand, and the littlest like all toddlers ran and didn’t want anything to do with us or the situation. They were all so cute and polite and their parents so calm and down to earth!! We got some family shots and then let the girls play and sort of pick their spots for poses. I like to have them help me come up with spots and ideas so its more fun for them! Usually by the end they have all kinds of great ideas they want to try. It was so nice spending an hour or so with them and hope to see them again in the future.!!










Priceless captures

There is a very special bond between sisters. It is not something that can be explained. Through the smiles and laughter and even all the fights, there is nothing like having a sister!! These two are hilarious. Opposites and yet so much alike! We have had such a warm and gorgeous fall this year. I have been so lucky that my work includes getting to go to the park with these two on a 70 degree day and just having fun!! I try to not structure too many shots and just let them be kids!! The harder you try to get them to smile the more they won’t! The older sister loves to pose and is a dream to photograph. The younger one is like every toddler and doesn’t want anything to do with me or the camera. But catching her personality is priceless when you do!!










Social Distortion

I have been asked before who my favorite artist has been to photograph. I have always had to think and wasn’t sure. Now I can say thus far it is Social Distortion. Whether it was from the sold out crowd’s excitement behind me or the bands enthusiasm in front of me, it was a rush!! They put on a great show!! In Cleveland they sold out the House of Blues two nights in a row. After a couple of decades they are still going strong!! I love some if the shots I got that night!!







Lindi Ortega

Red boots, red lipstick, guitar, good looks, and a voice to match!  Lindi came out opening for a legend punk rock band Social Distortion at the House of Blues and held her own!  Her catchy lyrics, fun music, confidence, beauty, and talent held the crowds attention from the second she walked out on the stage.  Whether it was to watch her, or want to be her, it was hard to take your eyes off of her!  My favorite of the night was her song “bang bang” and her cover of a Johnny Cash song that made the crowd go nuts!!  


Martin Sexton

   Review by Dave Johnson

          Martin Sexton once again wowed the crowd with his amazing voice.  The modern day folk/blues artist from Syracuse, New York left it all on the stage Saturday night at the Historic Kent Stage.  Martin was in town promoting his new album “Fall Like Rain” which was released earlier this year. 

            His beautiful voice echoed through the venue like it was built just for him.  Kent Stage is well known for being one of the best acoustical venues around and Martin was sure to take advantage of this.  Whether it was his long drawn out voice hitting high notes with precision or his scat-like improvisations, there was not a bad moment all night.

            Though Martin is touring to promote his new album, he didn’t shy away from his classics.  Giving the crowd everything they could ask for.  Weaving between “Glory Bound”, possibly his best known song, and “In the Journey,” a fan favorite, to his great rendition of The Beatles hit “With a Little Help From My Friends” Martin never skipped a beat.  At one point he went twenty plus minutes without stopping, giving fans a real taste of his talents.

            For those of you who don’t know who Martin Sexton is, do yourself a favor and go see him live.  He has been touring almost non-stop for twenty years, so undoubtedly you’ll have another chance to see him.  His live shows are unforgettable and his stage presence is mesmerizing.  He has built his career on the road and he is truly one of the best “one man bands” out there. 


Generation Alpha


I wanted a unique title so I looked it up and the generation born in 2010 has created a new name that is being called Generation Alpha!  Hmm.. interesting.  I took these photos because I have wanted to capture my daughter, husband, and his mother for a while!  I figured a shoot and some framed prints was the perfect present for grandparents day ( a few weeks late)!!  My mother in law is such a calm, kind person.  She has been amazing to me over the past almost 9 years, and is incredible with our daughter.  They are like two kids together, you can see the joy in both of them when they are together.  It is so fun to see how she resembles my husband, and his side of the family!  I had fun and tried out some different things with this too!!  When I am with a new client, I am still a little bit nervous to try out extreme light changes, or different styles.  I want to make sure I capture the smiles, and the moment, and don’t want to accidentally overexpose and completely ruin a shot!!  I really like being creative, and trying out new things so I will do it more often!! I am a huge fan of black and white if you can’t tell!!  I have been having such a hard time editing and posting lately.  I always offer my clients both color and black and white prints but how do you choose? The colors are so amazing this fall, but yet black and white just adds such a dynamic element to all of it!!  Can’t wait to print these and I know my daughter’s grandmother is going to love them!!!  

Engaged to Be Happy!!!!!!


My best friend asked me to take her engagement pictures.  It was such an honor for me!  I have known her longer than anyone and I have known her fiance for about 8 years as well.  My husband and her fiance grew up together and I invited her to come along to a concert with us one night… and it was history from there!!  They are the cutest couple!  She is so sweet, and he is funny!!  They really do bring out the best in each other.   You know it is true love when you can smile in the rain, have fun, and really look into one another’s eyes!!  It is the beginning of fall and the weather is already getting chilly.  It was drizzling but we set out to a great park by their house.  I think the rain and the cool air made the pictures even better!!!  They got engaged while they were fishing.  He put the ring on the end of the line and she reeled it in!  I still can’t believe he cast it out there!!!!!!!  I can not wait for their destination wedding next summer!!  I hope to photograph there as well and then come back and use the pictures for their reception!  I can’t help but smile when I look at these pictures.  My beautiful friend is so happy and I could not be happier for her!  I hope they enjoy these pictures for years to come and can look back over the years and remember this time!!  

The Beauty of Comfort

Sometimes you meet people that you can instantly connect with, get along with, and feel like you have been friends for a long time, this is one of those times!!  I met this family through the publicist that had asked me to photograph an artist.  They were so sweet and down to earth!  Long story short they both went to school with my husband over the years and we knew a lot of the same people… what a small world it really is!  We picked a great spot nearby their home and were able to have the outdoors, yet photograph the little one and his bright, outgoing, big brother with some backdrops and props too!!  I think they all had a great time and we were able to spend a couple of hours just hanging out and capturing their family!!  I felt like I could have hung out with them all day!!  We even found a little Wooly bear at the end of the day that had to go home with them and was named “Happy” as I learned today when I met up with them again!  🙂  It is so easy to photograph when everyone is comfortable, laid back, and enjoys themselves.  Every new session is a new challenge, a new learning experience, and a new inspiration for me!  I take so much from meeting new people and my favorite part of my job is making them have fun, be at ease, and most of all smile when they see the pictures!  It was just the start of fall so we were able to get some great colors and I hope these pictures will help them remember this time in their lives for a long time!!  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage