Mumford and Sons

Not much to say here besides an amazing show!!!!!!  I am in awe of their music, presence, shows, following, albums etc.  I saw them at the LC Pavilion in Columbus Ohio.  One of the best concerts if not THE best I have ever been to!  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage  


4 thoughts on “Mumford and Sons

      • He was doing it for US Music Weekly, but he does a few sites besides that. He was the chubby guy in the yellow shirt that said “Be Massive.” One of your shots is nearly identical to one of his.

      • I think I remember him!! He was nice. It’s hard to find being a female photographer around a bunch of guys. If I remember correctly I think at one point I was in front of him and made sure I wasnt in his way. Being that I am only 5’2″ I think he was able to get right over my shoulder!!! Congrats on your article!! That is really exciting!! I too am not a huge concert goer. I go with my sister who writes for the Cleveland leader as her photographer to some. I was dying to go to this show though!! It was amazing!!!

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