2+ a 3+ a 1=FUN!

I had the pleasure of photographing this family at Edgewater beach last week.  I knew I wanted to shoot there because it has so many elements.  The water, rocks, trees, the beach and sand.  With two kids there are plenty of options for them to have fun and to have beautiful scenery.  We watched for rain all day.  The forecast was overcast and 80% chance of rain.  I kept an eye on the radar and there wasn’t really much to watch.  I never follow the news weather channel and definitely won’t follow my Iphone.  I do have a trusty radar app that I love and check constantly.  Wunderground is also another site that I will check.  Anyways…. We were all so excited to shoot and the weather was perfect.  Overcast which is preferred since sun is harsh and has shadows and no rain.  We had a lot of fun.  It is definitely difficult to shoot a family of four.  Kids are tough but I have learned that the more you let them explore and play the better, and the less you try and force it they smile more.  The parents are amazing and the kids are so sweet.  Olivia is just gorgeous and a natural in front of the camera, and little Sam just smiled the entire time.  In any situation kids are easily distracted by birds or people or just tired of having to sit still or being told to smile.  I shoot continuously so that I make sure I get a shot where no ones eyes are closed or everyone is sort of looking! 😉  I try to provide traditional shots but my favorite is to shoot candid shots.  I love capturing father and son having fun, or mother and daughter sharing a moment.  To me there is no better picture than  witnessing and being able to provide that moment to my clients.  My favorite is of course between the kids.  Watching them interact is like nothing else.  If you ever really sit back and just watch them it is truly amazing.  Their innocence and the way their eyes light up and just take in the world is so fun to watch.  My favorite shot here is the one with the parents having a kiss by the tree and they had no idea what the two little ones were up to!  So cute!!  Image

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