Love, Photos, and Frames

I love this family!  These are great friends of mine and I love their kids like they are my own!  Mia looks just like her mommy and Dominic like his dad, with blue eyes.  It was a little bit difficult, as I think photographing 4 people at the same time can be!  It is hard to have the parents, a 5 year old, and a 2 1/2 year old all look and smile at you at the same time!  I was a little nervous when I got home that I was not going to be able to produce a lot of shots for them, but I was happy!  I snapped a ton of pictures (prob 150-200) which took me a long time to go through, but I’m glad that I did.  I was able to find at least 50 really good shots for them!!  I had so much fun with them and they are such an amazing family!  The photographs are a little less candid than my typical style, but I have been trying to produce more posed shots, since I feel that is what a lot of families want.  I’m really happy that they liked the pics and I’m sure I will see them on their wall soon!  😉  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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