Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks

I had the opportunity to photograph Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart. My first media pass!! I was so excited and nervous. My sister writes for an online media paper and also her own music blog. I will post soon so you all can follow!!! I was escorted under the Quicken Loans Arena and backstage onto the floor of the arena. I was then given a pass and the rules. Of course no flash and first two songs. I met two other photographers, one of which writes for the Plain Dealer. I introduced myself and told them this was new to me. They were nice and showed me where to stand and the concert started soon. I only brought one lens with me. A 50mm. I was told that my standard zoom lenses would not function correctly in low lighting. Which is true, except for such a large venue. The stage lighting is enough light for any lens. Most concerts you are by the stage, or in a “pit.” For this we were about 500 feet back by the sound and light guys. Needless to say, my lens was not long enough. I am 5′ 2″ and couldn’t shoot over the crowd. I practiced metering my lighting and learned how to do it quickly in the dark. I shot and it looked like a spec on stage. I was so upset. I then was escorted to my seat in about the tenth row. I was able to sneak these photos from there. Lesson learned to bring my entire camera bag, and each of these upcoming concerts is going to be such a great learning experience. I am not a huge fan of Rod, I like Stevie Nicks, but they really put on a great show! Rod is so animated, and his voice is just like on any album. His attire, and his band mates attire was so sophisticated. It was kinda nice to see such stature. Although the pink panther suit was a little much for me! 😉 The girls on stage were beautiful and their voices even better!! Each girl showcased their talent in singing, saxophone, violin, etc and it left me in awe! The crowd was so involved, singing every word, to every song! You could tell they never wanted it to end. I have not been to many concerts at the Q but I found the sound system to be pretty bad. So here are my pics from the night! My mom had a blast, and I learned a lot! It was a great experience! GO Rod the Bod! 😉


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