Flowers, Dirt, and Worms!!

For my daughter’s second birthday my first decision was not having it at my house.  I had it at our house last year and although we have 2 acres in our backyard our house is pretty small.  Last year after cleaning and prepping our yard for weeks, it rained the entire day!  We spent most of the day inside our garage and under tents borrowed from friends and neighbors!  So I found a beautiful park that also had a huge pavilion.  This way if it rained at least we could look at the beauty outdoors and still be covered comfortably!  🙂  I had to go there at 7 am and start decorating and reserve the space, which was a little bit of a pain but the cleanup afterwards was easy and my house was clean when we came home!!!  My daughter is a girly girl and loves flowers, but also loves dirt and has a weird infatuation with worms.  She calls them baby goos!  So I made her invitations of her in a flowery dress (you can see pics in previous post Two and Eyes So Blue)  The invitation went something like London is GROWING into a bright young two year old!  Come join us for some fun, food, and cake.  So PETAL on over to her GARDEN party.  Give SHANNON a buzz to rsvp.  I catered some food which was pretty inexpensive.  I made some arts and crafts for the kids to enjoy and we had a great day!!!  The horse was brought my my husband’s uncle who lived 5 minutes away.  “Bay” loved giving the kids rides!!  My father in law brought a giant bag of colorful balls and dumped them off the side of the pavilion.  The kids had a blast kicking them around and collecting them all to take home!


This is London saying I’m two and full of cheese puffs!


I cut out each kids name to let them fingerpaint.  Once it dried we hung ours on the wall it and it is really cute!  The paint color on the wall shows through their name and the rest is all their artwork.  I bought the pots at Michaels and each kids got to paint them however they wanted.  They each got some sunflower seeds and some potting soil to take home and plant!


My friend made the most amazing cake!!!!  Each cupcake was perfect.  She cut and dipped each little marshmallow to make the flower petals.  In the flower pot is the best dirt cake I have ever had!!  Complete with baby goos (worms) and giant flowers!!


Let the painting begin!!


3 thoughts on “Flowers, Dirt, and Worms!!

  1. What a fun birthday party! I have thought about having our daughter’s birthday party at the park. After seeing your post I think I’ll plan that for this year. That is so cute – baby goos! 🙂

    • Thank you!! Yes I would highly recommend. I had a big easter egg hunt there for the kids and then decided to do her party there. It is so much easier and less stressful!

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