Farm Party

I try and take my camera everywhere!  One of my favorite places is to take it to birthday parties!  Our friends decided to have a farm party.  Now before you start thinking its crazy… I have heard the talk on how parents are starting to go crazy for kids parties these days!  I could agree in one sense but not in all.  I have recently heard of 10-15 4 year olds going to a spa!  Hair, makeup, manicures, pedicures!  To me that’s a little much!  I mean if you have little divas on your hands, have your girlfriends paint their nails at your home!  That’s just my opinion though… So parties should be about celebrating their birth!  Having fun, and being surrounded by family and those that you love!!  People is what is important.  Adding a little fun in for the kids is great too!  They have a beautiful yard and it was a gorgeous day.  We had pizza and subs, and chicken and dips, fruit and cupcakes!  The kids played on the swing set and ran around the yard.  The birthday girl loved ponies and animals.  My friend found a man and his granddaughter that lived about 20 minutes away and had a little traveling farm.  It was sooo cute!  IT was a petting zoo for the kids, taught them about animals, and for around $100.  You can’t even go to a zoo or an amusement park with a family of 4 for under that!  A water park costs $40 for a three year old!  I had so much fun photographing the kids at play!


My daughter London and her friend Madison going down the little roller coaster in her yard!

The birthday girl!Image

Image Sweet a a cupcake!

ImageBirthday girl and her mom!


Dominic and his Papa

ImageImageImagePosing with the baby cow!Image


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