One and Fun!!

I had the nicest family contact me and ask to take photos of their little boy!  He was turning one and they wanted some pictures of him and to use for his birthday invites!  I was so excited!  We talked a few times and I got to know them a little bit.  I picked a place outdoors that was in the middle for both of us.  I was a quite little park with character.  Fields of grass, a little swing set, a creek, a cute little bridge.  Plenty of nice scenery with out losing the focus of Logan.  I love shooting outdoors and having beautiful scenery.  I do not like too much going on in the background.  His parents were the sweetest couple and actually reminded me of myself and my husband.  They were so laid back and willing to try anything.  Logan was so adorable.  Was always smiling and didn’t fuss once!  Well he actually didn’t like the smash cake.  Didn’t like the texture of it and did not want anything to do with it!   Image

I loved these railroad tracks and wanted to try something different.  I picked these balloons up on my way there just so that we could have an extra prop if needed.  It was soooo windy that day the strings look like they are strangling him.  I swear they are not!!


Captured before he said get this cake off of me!!!!


Love this!  Logan did not want to touch it!


Logan and his daddy!


So happy!  He was laughing at his dad saying the word Awesome! 🙂


Love this shot!  His mom said this is his surprised face.


I really wanted to capture him candidly since he is not quite running around yet. I love the angle of this!


So cute how they discover their reflections….or maybe just want to lick the slide?  lol

This is my favorite shot of the day and the one they used for Logan’s birthday invites!  Such a beautiful little boy!

Taking some steps with the help of mommy




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