Tonight was my first time at The Beachland Ballroom and my first concert that I have ever photographed.  It did not go well.  99% of shows you can not use a flash.  I had no idea how to shoot in such low light without using one!!  I researched before I went.  I read how to adjust all the settings on my camera.  I googled how to photograph at concert venues.  I thought I was ready!  Boy was I wrong!!!   This is a little technical and if there is a photographer that can help me please please please tell me what I did wrong!!  So no flash,  I shot wide open.  Appeture as open and shutter speed as high as it gets.  I let in as much light as possible.  I took my ISO from 100 all the way up to 6500 and everything in between.  I adjusted my white balance, I tried my 18-55, 50mm, 55-200 lenses.  I adjusted and overcompensated for no flash and low light.  I don’t know what else I could have tried.  Every picture was coming out black!!!  This is something that I will have the opportunity to do more, with my sister writing for The Cleveland Leader and getting concert tickets and photo passes….. after tonight I want to give up, and yet want to pursue it and get better at it all at the same time.  Luckily because it was such a laid back and small venue I was able to use my camera flash or I would not have anything…but I probably will never be able to use it again in this type of situation!!!  Here are some shots I was able to get from The Lighthouse and The Whaler from The Beachland Ballroom Tavern on June 27th.  I will remember it as my first photography concert.. and what a learning experience (how much I have to learn)  





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