The Twins

What an opportunity to photograph these two seven month old beauties!  They were the sweetest slimiest girls! I normally take a lot of photos and discard half because the kids are not looking or something.  With these two almost every picture was perfect!  They were so expressive and the most cooperative babies I have ever worked with!


This is Mia


This is Mia telling Ava… “this is my spotlight!”  LOL


We did some indoor shots and both girls were perfect angels!  We decided to go down to the park and try and see if they would still be up for more pictures!  This is a shot that I am in love with!  It is a little far away but I like that about it.  It shows how tiny the little girls are,and I like the symmetry of the bridge.  They look so small and innocent sitting there.  The one below is a closer version of this shot.


Love black and white with this shot!!  This looks so classic, timeless, and gorgeous!  Ava loved the grass, Mia did not like the feel of it and did not want to sit in it!


Such sweethearts!!  I am supposed to take their one year portraits in the fall and am SUPER excited!!!


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