It’s Fun to Be Three!!!!

It is really fun to be three, but not really fun to have your pictures taken!  I tried to approach this as a fun time and not a chore for Olivia!  I spoke with her mom and we decided to go and shoot at a huge playground in Beachwood!  It was half way in between us and what could be better for her?  I have found that trying to pose kids 3 and under usually doesn’t work, and its not very fun for them!  My favorite shots are always candid shots and I was thrilled with how all of these came out!  Olivia is so gorgeous and such a sweet little girl!  She had a blast, I had so much fun with her!  And I think her parents were really happy with how the shots came out!  They really captured her natural smile and playfulness!!!Image

I am a huge fan of black and white!  I love the feel and look of it!  I really like the white and grey framing around her!


I loved this shot!  When I was looking at all the details on it though, as a photographer I was bothered by it!  I saw shadows, and blotches on her skin from the railing!  I was so upset about it!  I was thinking I should have moved her and saw the shadows at the time!  I then realized that from my standpoint it may not be 100% perfect, but it is still a great portrait!  I can’t control the sun or every single aspect!  I even mentioned this to Olivia’s mom who is a friend.  She then told me that in color it was her and her husband’s favorite picture and the one that they blew up!!  She said they loved the way that the sun hit her face and the shadows.  I made me so happy!  It also made me try and trust myself a little more.  It is good to be critical, but not everyone is going to love every single picture, and some that I may find little things wrong with might be their favorite!!


This is one of my most favorite pictures I have taken thus far!!!!!  The angle, her smile, the candidness of it!  Image



Just hanging out and having fun!


Her shadow reminds me of peter pan here!!

Haha!  Fun!!!


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