Isn’t She Lovely!

Ok so she is my niece, but I just think she is just the cutest, sweetest, thing ever!  Her facial features just make me stare at her pictures!  She has such emotion, and the happiness you see in her just melts you!

I love this little girl!  I love being her aunt!  I love her smile and her little lips and perfect face!  I am so lucky to have her in my life, and that my sister asks me to take her pictures!  She is the utmost fun challenge there is!  She is soooo fast!!  Ever since she started walking she runs!!  Her joy and excitement is captivating!  Although she usually is running away from me…she LOVES having her picture taken.  You can always get a smile out of her once the camera comes out!!!

Image I had an absolute blast taking pictures of her and honestly love having a little challenge.  It makes things more interesting and fun!  Every shot has a little something different to it and really shows who she is!Image

This is one of my favorite shots of all time!  The innocence and beauty of it!




This was my first time shooting with a white backdrop.  White is tricky to shoot, hard to edit, and shows a lot of shadows.  I have learned more in the past few shoots that I have done with it, but have yet to perfect it.  I am researching into more lights and another flash as well as learning new techniques!


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