OH Baby Baby!



So about three of four months into having my camera I was hoping to photograph a little baby!  Mine was already 1 1/2 and I didn’t know anyone else having one anytime soon!  Along comes Amber!  We worked together for many years and have stayed in touch thanks to Fb!  She actually had moved to SC with her husband for a few years.  She had just had a beautiful little baby named Addyson AND moved back to Ohio!!!!!!  I was so excited to see her and meet her wonderful husband and gorgeous little girl!!  I was nervous for the shoot… but also not nervous at all with them!  Amber is very much like myself, fun, witty, outgoing.  If something is uncomfortable, we could easily just joke about it!  We talked for a few days, planned to get together.  I told her I would spend as much time as needed and was just so excited to spend the day with them!  I was so happy with the pictures and had a blast!  Looking back now, I am always always always always critiquing my work, and do not like to be negative, but wow I had, and have, a lot to learn.  At the time I loved everything even though we met challenges.  I had just purchased some backdrops, which were not all that great being that I did not have much of a budget.  Ryan, her husband, was trying to help me figure out how to get them to stay up!  I did not know everything I know now about my camera.  I had just started to figure out how to use my editing program.  Little Addyson was a few weeks old, and I learned that posing a little baby is not as easy as the first few days are!   Trying to get them to pose, rest, and lay, when they want to play, fuss and eat is not all that easy!  I always look at things from a technical standpoint first and then evaluate the rest second, and I am now disappointed.  I wish I could have done better!  But I take everything as a learning experience.  It inspires me to learn more and work harder!  It pushes me to do better with each experience.  I am lucky enough to be asked to photograph this little sweetheart again in a  week for her six month shoot!  SOOOO excited and have so many ideas planned!  I am  going to give it my all, and have really been preparing myself for this opportunity!  Can’t wait to share soon!!  


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