Lake Erie Sunsets


I love Cleveland….well anytime but winter!  😉  Until I was 21 years old, I was never on a boat and had not experienced this whole other world that is out there.  I never knew how lucky we were to live by one of the Great Lakes.  It is, I think, our best feature.  My boyfriend, husband now, was the one that introduced me to the lake. His friends had boats when we were dating and now we have our second boat.  There is really no place I would rather be!  I have been on the lake now for about ten years, but had not experienced anything on the lake shore.  I was too young to get into the bars, clubs, etc when it was all going on downtown.  It seemed like it was a really fun place to be!  What happened?  It is so dirty, vacant, and depressing now!!!  Well that is all about to change.  I am so happy that I am going to get to watch it all being built from the ground up again!  I have seen the plans, and I really think it is going to draw so many people to our city!  How could it not?  Either way, I am going to enjoy the lake and the sunsets just how they are for now!  They are so beautiful in the summer and nothing like it!  


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