Dressed to their best!


Another friend asked me to do Christmas cards for her!  I was so excited!  I was a little nervous because I started thinking how important pictures of kids are to their parents.  Adding in holiday pictures is even more pressure.  Moms spend a ton of time picking out the outfits that will showcase their children all dressed up and looking their best!!!  But then I realized how fun and exciting that is for me to be able to capture that!!  I wanted to do a great job for her and also knew that these cards would be sent out to all of their family and friends for them to see!  Besides my daughter, sister, and another friend, it would be the first time my work is being shown and hopefully enjoyed by others!  Sommer was 4 and posed for every shot!  Even if I wasn’t ready she would say Shannon take my picture!!  Lila was 1 and really didn’t want a whole lot to do with me, the camera, or sitting still.  I followed her all throughout the house and was able to catch some really cute shots though!!  I had a blast with these two!!


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