The First


My First time touching and shooting with a DSLR Camera was helping a friend assist at a wedding of her friend.    She let me take the camera home a week before and play around with it.  I was instantly amazed and also felt like what the heck do I do with this.  I learned a little bit about it and went that day to help her!  I was sooo nervous, but she said I have seen your pictures with an iphone.  Just use that eye that you have and take some great shots.  I helped out in the church, photographing family members and other things that she could not concentrate on.  After the ceremony was over, I felt a sense of relief.  I was like….OK hopefully I didn’t miss anything and got what I needed.  Once we stepped outdoors, I felt like I could let loose.  I felt like I could get as creative as I want and just have fun!  I was not going to miss anything, or be forced to shoot something.  It is at that point why I never wanted to shoot a wedding.  Way to much responsibility!!!!  I love candid shots.  I like taking pictures when the subjects are not posing and just being themselves.  That is why I love photographing kids so much!  They are just a big ball of fun!  No worries, no stress, no pressure, just fun!


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