“THAT” Moment


From the moment I started taking pictures…. I never really stopped.  But it became something more than that to me at “THAT” Moment.  I went upstairs to take a shower while my 4 week old daughter was sleeping in her swing.  I came back downstairs ten minutes later and found my dog keeping a restful eye on her.  I ran and grabbed my phone as quick as I could, (probably without clothes on) and captured this moment!  It is more than a beautiful photograph to me.  It is one of those pictures that if you describe it, it would not be the same. But the photograph captures every thing I saw and felt at “THAT” Moment, and I will never forget that.  Since then, I try and capture that in all of my pictures.


2 thoughts on ““THAT” Moment

  1. We understand about ‘that moment’ photographs…wonderful! Congratulations..you have a beautiful baby girl and obviously a very beautiful dog who will watch over her. Greetings from England. Zola

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