Friends started asking to do their Christmas Card and holiday photos of their kids too!  I felt a HUGE success with this photo.  Not only because it made me smile, and their mom smile… but it was finally capturing the moment.  The love of a sister for her little brother.  It took a lot of time and pictures to capture a few where both kids were looking and eyes open.  One Mia would be smiling and Dominic would run away.  One Dominic would smile and Mia’s eyes would be closed.  Little ones are tough to get the perfect shot.  It is harder with two.  It is even harder indoors, trying to pose them in front of a Christmas tree!!  I enjoyed learning from it.  I realized I have a lot of patience.  Stay calm and keep everyone happy!  Turns out in the middle Dominic needed a snack! Having a child myself makes me understand more what a kid needs, and how to handle any situation.  Whenever I am booking a client, I always ask…. Do they have a schedule?  Pictures are always better after a nap and when the kid is the happiest!!  No matter what happens though, I feel that capturing the moment is still the most important.  You cannot ever plan what is going to happen, but I love that element of it!  And I LOVE this picture!


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